What Are The Womens' Summer Schools?

Every year, UALE sponsors 4 regional “women’s schools”. These residential programs typically last between 4 and 5 days, and include classes and workshops on a variety of union-related topics. Women from all over the country and beyond learn the skills and knowledge needed to play leadership roles in their unions. Visitors from unions in other countries frequently participate. One of the most valuable aspects of the schools is the chance to meet and network with other union women from around the region and beyond.

For decades, United Association for Labor Education (UALE) Summer Schools have provided leadership, skill-building, networking, and educational programs to train and empower women to take on leadership roles in labor organizations.  Summer schools provide a unique, rigorous, and immersive experience - one suited to the best innovations of the current labor movement. The themes, topics, workshops, and panels speak to the urgency for gender equality in leadership, solidarity, and movement-building creativity.  Workers are under attack, and it’s time for a renewed commitment to developing our next generation of leaders.