Rules, Rulemakers and Resistance: A Women’s Globalization Timeline


Kate Shaughnessy
Summer School
Title of Curriculum
Rules, Rulemakers and Resistance: A Women's Globalization Timeline
The Five Principles of the UALE Summer Schools reflect the goals and objectives that the schools and each respective training/curriculum seek to reflect. They are development of self, developing relationships/leading others, organizational leadership, big picture, and the intersection of social values in a just world. Under which principle do you think your curriculum most fits?
Items needed to teach the Curriculum
group-activities, other
What is the desired outcome of the material/training? What do you hope participants to learn?
The purpose is to build a collective timeline of knowledge about the global economic system and points of resistance. We do this through a gender lens. Learning Objectives: 1. Synthesize information about global systems and rule makers 2. Articulate to others how economic structures are intentional 3. Connect major global events and policies to our experiences
Please describe any icebreakers used before teaching the curriculum/using the material?
Typically done as part of a larger program; no icebreaker included.
Is there anything in the curriculum that could be potentially triggering to participants? Is there a specific way you handle this?
Not in the history of teaching thus far. . .the final exercise may be triggering for someone who has had a very personal connection to the effects of the global economy.
In what ways does this material equip participants with framework, tools, and/or skills to fight back in a Trump era?
It helps us understand the systems of oppression from a global vantage point--so that we do not fall prey to the single-mindedness of "Buy American" rather than a larger framework to understand the global economy.